it seems ironic that man creates a machine as an extension of himself/herself in order to progress the achievements of mankind. computers have taken an odd twist over the years and the target market of most software is the bottom ten percent of the intellectual barrel. vendors that come to mind are microsoft and apple. computers, now being easy to use, can be used to ensure people don't have to think either. enter the call center. hundreds of people sitting at tiny desks with a crt aimed at their face like a shotgun ready to take their last remaining brain cells, reading scripted conversations and responses to people over the phone. answers recieved are carfully worded by lawyers, technical staff, and management to ensure that the armies of text regurgitation drones don't spew anything that would make the company liable and is politically sound while providing a vague answer for the statistically common problems faced by users seeking support. computers for the general populous aren't an extension of man. mankind is an extension of computers. pray that your vulcan-like masters don't crash or you might actually have to think.